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Dental Fresh Oral Liquid Hygiene Dogs

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Breath freshener for dogs 120ml Gel

Dental Fresh has been designed for dogs and cats to neutralise unpleasant smells. Transforming sulphur build up in the mouth into tasteless, odourless organic sulphates. It also prevents plaque build-up and stimulates gum healing processes.

When to use

  • To improve bad smelling breath

  • To support oral hygiene

  • To prevent plaque building up on teeth


Zinc: Essential for the health of the skin found in gums. Can bind to odour causing sulphur.

Green tea extract: Can promote oral health by limiting the growth of bacteria. Has excellent antioxidant benefits.

Vitamin C & Folic Acid: Work together and can help to inhibit the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Peppermint oil: Gives cooling sensation and helps to freshen breath.

Directions for Use

<5kg - Apply 1 drop either side of the gum lining

5-15kg - Apply 3-4 drops either side of the gum lining

15-45kg - Apply 6-8 drops either side of the gum lining

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